“If you are baffled by wine tasting language and have no idea how different regions, vintages and wine making techniques impact the taste of the wine, Develop Your Palate Wine tastings are a fantastic way to begin your journey to becoming a wine expert. Ruth was able to answer any questions our group had, provided interesting and detailed information, and demonstrated how to correctly taste wine. I feel the tasting has enhanced my wine drinking experience since. Highly recommended.” Stephanie Gawne, Auckland.

“Ruth was very professional and knowledgeable, a perfect Pinot Noir and Chardonnay tasting – descriptive! Understandably the regions and grapes were a key focus to the tasting session!” Stuart Kerr, Mosman Park, WA.

“It was great fun having Ruth lead our tasting. I learned a lot and now look at Pinot in a different way!” Zoe Nation, Fremantle, WA.

“Ruth showed a great in depth knowledge of all the wines, regions, producers, history and methods. A great way to learn about wine in a relaxed open environment, suitable for friends, parties, work events and more.”

“Thanks Ruth for providing an excellent tasting for us. I really appreciated your depth of knowledge in all areas of the wine industry and especially enjoyed hearing the stories behind the wines. It’s also great to have someone that can teach you how to taste a wine properly. A wonderful evening!” Holly Bridgwater, Mosman Park, WA.

“Ruth has amazing knowledge of the wines and wineries and present it in a relaxing atmosphere where everyone can learn a lot and have fun at the same time.” Hannah Menzies, City Beach, WA.

“I enjoyed the personal knowledge of the people producing the wine and vineyards.”

Sparkling Wine Tasting

Sparkling Wine Tasting