Happy New Year

A new year…. and is 2016 really already upon us? Where has 2015 gone? I take New Year’s Day to reflect and think…what have I achieved this year? And I then review what has happened in the world this year? So much tragedy, so much pain but there has been some joy.

And at New Year, I make a New Year’s resolution. Normally it is a list of about 10 items but his year, I’m simplifying it. Mine isĀ  ‘health.’

Without health, we cannot work, without working and having a steady income means life can be more difficult. So this year I am focusing on the KISS principle, ‘Keep it simple stupid’. I want to keep good health and try and achieve as much as possible in 2016; push myself both mentally and physically. I don’t think I’ll be doing the Rottnest Channel Swim solo again but I could look at doing an Iroman, potentially. But this year, I also want to help more people, those who have fallen on harder times and who need a helping hand.

I wish you all a wonderful New Year. And also hope you all had a great Christmas.

May your road in 2016 be healthy and happy

May your road in 2016 be healthy & happy

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