Lamont’s Sunday Tapas 3rd May

I was really looking forward to Lamont’s Sunday tapas today, on the 3rd where we were to try 9 different wines from Moss Wood. And I wasn’t disappointed especially as Keith and Claire Mugford were pouring the wines, along with John.

We started started with the Moss Wood Ribbon Vale Semillon Sauvignon Blanc, alongside the salmon tartare, green olive, pine nuts. I couldn’t have salmon so they made me a special platter instead; avocado, quinoa, beansprouts and beans.

Moss Wood Ribbon Vale Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2014 RRP $36.50, Lamont’s Sunday price $29.95: Lime and gooseberry with hints of apple and lovely fresh fruit were obvious on the noste with a fresh palate coupled with apricot, pear, hint of lime, with a long refreshing length.

Moss Wood Semillon 2014 RRP $41.15, Lamont’s Sunday price $32.50 and Moss Wood Chardonnay 2013 RRP $71.30, Lamont’s Sunday price $59.95 were poured while we had the corn-fed chicken, beetroot, fig and cumin salad. The Semillon was lovely; I noticed a slight hint of canned sweetcorn with a touch of honey on the nose along with dried apricot. Lots of fresh apricot followed through on the palate with a refreshing high acidity and cut through the richness of the food. The chardonnay had whaffs of dustyness to the nose with a slight note of herbaceous characters and slight tinge of burnt caramel. On the palate, fresh flavours with a hint of spice at first came through then a richness followed by a depth and hint of fruit characters. The spice from the oak really worked well with the food, in particular, with the cumin in the salad.

Moss Wood Pinot Noir, 2012 RRP $65.00, Lamont’s Sunday price $56.50 & Moss Wood Amy’s Blend 2013 RRP $39.95, Lamont’s Sunday price $32.50 along with confit duck leg, cashel catalan. There was a touch of age to the Pinot Noir from its appearnace and on the nose it was youthful with brambles, stewed plums, a lick of spice not to mention a hint of floral notes. On the palate the well structured tannings integrated beautifully with the juicy back palate and red fruit. There was a noticeable lift to the wine in the mouth, as if it was dancing on the tongue. Amy’s was more youthful in appearance – it was a year younger in any case. Oak spice, dark fruit and blackcurrant was noticeable on the nose with lovely spice notes on the palate with chalky tannings and hint of pencil lead. The Amy’s is made up of Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Malbec and Merlot. They work well in the blend offering plenty of flavours and a structure to the wine.

Moss Wood Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 RRP $124 (Not avail) & Moss Wood Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 RRP $147.25 (Not avail) & Moss Wood Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 RRP $122.15, Lamont’s Sunday price $98.75 with Mersey Valley cheddar, toasted sourdough and  fuji apples. The 2006 was noticeably older both in appearance and in taste compared to the 2007. Typical characteristics of pencil lead flew from the glass along with truffles, brambles, savoury aromas and a hint of cedar spice along with a slight note of floral aromas. There was still an amount of freshness to the 2006 on the palate initially followed by secondary fruits and tannins are well integrated. The 07 looked younger than it was with a hint of brick red a the edge. Spice, raisins, stewed plums and dark chocolate all came out from the glass and smelt so fresh. The palate fresh again with red fruit, stewed plums, nutmeg and crunchy tannins. Lots of texture on the palate, it would be hard to pick this as a 2007. I would have said 2009/2010. The 2012 had an abundance of dark chocolate on the nose along with floral and pencil lead. Initally there was so much fresh fruit on the palate; fresh berries, blackberries with spice and pencil lead with noticeable and well structured. I felt the cheese helped to soften the wines while the apples cleansed the palate. What a combination!

Moss Wood Ribbon Vale Botrytis Semillon 2012 RRP $36.00, Lamont’s Sunday price $32.50 with vanilla cream, lychee & ginger syrup. Lovely bright yellow gold in colour, I might have guessed it was 2011 the colour was a bit misleading. So much honey and notes of honeysuckle on the nose – such a wonderful smell. On the palate honey and honeysuckle were obvious with notes of dried apricots and a long length. It marries so well with the vanilla cream dessert. Delicious!

After lunch at Lamont's

After lunch at Lamont’s


What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon. And to think that there’s a number of $25-$50 tastings coming up at Lamont’s, can’t wait! If you want to stay up to date with all the latest news, make sure you sign up to their newsletter at the Cottesloe store!